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Praying Hands

Resources For Personal Prayer

Remember you don't have to stay put for personal prayer, you could prayer walk in your area, or walk out into the countryside to pray, remember the Wild Worship Leaflet


Be creative if you have lego, play dough, or building blocks use them to help you pray. If you have world maps or local maps let the Spirit use them to guide you to places to pray for


Do you have a newspaper or the BBC news app, what in there leads you to pray?

And of course you can read your Bible to direct you in prayer.

Prayer for anxiety about money

This is a resource from 24/7, designed to help you give your concerns to your Heavenly Father who loves you and cares for you

British Pound Notes
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Easy to use personalisable prayer app
Lectio 365

I can highly recommend this devotional app from the home of 24/7 prayer


It has a Morning & Evening prayer session for each day and can be read or listened to


Its a great way to start & finish the day with God's spirit.

Click Here
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