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Image by Andreea Avramescu

Our PCC Priorities

These are in the process of renewal and more information will come here as they are developed. In the meantime, these are the priorities we have been working with over the past few years.

1. We desire to develop 24/7 faith including faith in our home life (all-ages), setting up a discipleship portal/library and developing our prayer commitment.

In line with our vision of being church where we are for most of our time, we want to help resource that by pointing people to resources that will help them to grown in their own faith and to help us talk about faith as a family, and to pray more together as a Church.

2. We also desire to grow relationships within our church and the community including a welcome and integration team and social events to build relationships and open doors to share our faith.

We are aware that as a church we are very welcoming when people walk through the door, but sometimes the welcome ends there. We want to deepen that welcome so that people feel that strength of love and care every week. We also want to get to know each other better through social events and to extend opportunities for people to invite friends and Neighbours which start to sow opportunities for people to talk about what their faith means to them.

3. We desire to develop different methods and styles of ministries to different interests, applying theology to contemporary issues.

We want to build in additional opportunities to go Deeper with God, aware that one size does not fit all. We are intending to host some additional teaching evenings and days through the year where we invite external speakers to help us engage with particular topics.

4. We desire to work towards achieving ECO Church Status.

And we believe that God calls us to be Good stewards of his creation and we want to become the best we can at caring for His environment.

These obviously build upon, and are integrated with our regular pattern of worship and Ministry to people of all ages, and each priority has been sponsored or championed by different members of the PCC, however, this is not just the work of the PCC it involves us all at Holy Trinity

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