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Pentecost Prayer 

Please check out the resources for prayer during the Church of England

“Thy Kingdom Come” initiative.

Sign up for the 24 hour prayer event for Pentecost using doodle poll (click the button below). Tick the box of the time you are signing up for and don't forget to select the blue "Continue" button to register your selection.

The 11 day prayer Novena starting from Ascension Day (18th May) to Pentecost (28th) can be downloaded which You can find here
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In the past our prayer room which facilitates continuous prayer has been a powerful way for families and individuals to engage more deeply in having some quality time with God and reflecting on His heart for His people and for creation.
This year we are having 24 hours of continuous prayer, either at home or in the Stanley Room (no limits on numbers as we can spill out into the main body of the church).
There is a sign-up sheet both in church and and you can also select a prayer hour using the this doodle poll (don't forget to select the blue continue button). This will help us to see the gaps in coverage. Prayer times will start from 10am Saturday and finish at 10am Sunday when the prayer team will be praying anyway. We are having 24 hours rather than 48 hours to concentrate our efforts and promote a corporate aspect to praying.
Thy Kingdom Come

For more information regarding Thy Kingdom Come click here.


For more information please contact Julie Barker at,, or on 07816046872

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