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Questions about Christianity?

Alpha may have some answers

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Alpha is an opportunity for people of all ages to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly,

open and informal environment


The course explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him today.

You will not be asked to sing or read aloud, and you can ask any and as many questions as you like, you can just come along and listen if you would prefer


Contact the office if you are interested in joining in the next course, if you can't make the next course contact us anyway, because your information will help us when we decide when to schedule the next one.

Who is Alpha for?

Anyone who wants to investigate the Christian faith in an informal way with a group of other people


Whether you have previous experience of Church, Christians and the Bible ,or none at all this course is for you. Everyone is welcome


Tell us as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable with.

How many people in the group?

Usually 6-9 people including 2 leaders

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What goes on?

It starts usually with a meal or afternoon tea


Then we watch a short video for about 30 minutes and there is an opportunity for questions and discussion

How long does that take?

2 hours is the maximum time, although there is an opportunity to hang around afterwards and talk to people

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How much does it cost?

Nothing apart from your time

Do I have to bring anything?

Everything is provided

How long does the course last?

11 normal sessions plus a longer one which is normally on a Saturday

Can I pull out if I want to?

Of course you can

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Am I going to get preached at?

No it is not a church service, there is no singing or clapping and you will not be asked to read aloud


We listen to a talk designed to explain an aspect of the Christian belief and to stimulate discussion, hopefully you will find them challenging and maybe amusing


The group leaders will use this to facilitate discussion and try to answer questions.

Do I have to speak in the group?

Not if you do not want to . You are welcome to just come and listen.

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Why is the course run?

As Christians we count it as a real privilege to explain the truth and relevance of the Christian message


We do not have all the answers but believe that we have exciting news to share about Jesus Christ

How do I get on a course and when is it starting?

The date of the next course has not yet been decided, so if you are interested please get in touch with the church office

Just contact the office, by email at, or by phone on 01636815512

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