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Prayer - Joining in!


Prayer is an essential part of our lives as Christians, it should underpin everything we do as individuals and as a Church. Communication is fundamental to all good relationships and that includes our relationship with God, it involves both speaking and listening. You can join with us at Trinity in home groups, using our prayer diary and join us before the services on Sundays.


PLEASE SAVE THE DATE! Friday 3th June-Sunday 5th.
We are pleased that this year our 48 hour prayer event is back in church!
As before, the aim is to sign up for an hour (or more) to pray on your own, or maybe in two’s or as a family. This can take place in church where the Stanley Room will be set up as a dedicated prayer space with lots of family friendly
resources to help you.

Alternatively, it could take place at home, or whilst away visiting family or friends. Please do make use of the prayer wall if connecting virtually.   There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church for all who would like to set aside a specific time to pray during the Pentecost weekend.
Against the time chosen please indicate whether it will be in church (so we know when the church needs to be open) or whether it will be at home or while on holiday. Please sign up wherever you are going to pray.
If you would like more information please speak to Julie Barker or Suzanne Dent.

Holy Trinity Prayer Wall

Please click on the link above.  Whilst alerts will be sent to me when a new prayer is posted, I will not moderate them prior to that.  Please don't post anything you would not wish other church brothers & sisters to see but do ask for prayer & share answers to prayer!    God bless you, Julie (any queries, please contact me on 07816046872 or juliebarker7@gmail.com)


48 hours of prayer:  'Thy Kingdom Come' resources.


Prayer Ministry after services

If you would like to be prayed with for anything please see the prayer ministry section of the website.


Monthly Prayer Meetings 

Each month on the First Tuesday of the the Month there is a themed prayer meeting at 6.45am - 7.30am in the Church, for more information and the theme have a look at the Weekly Newsletter.

There will be a further Monthly Prayer meeting alternating between 4th Wednesdays of the month at 2pm and 4th Sundays of the month at 6.30pm in the Church. For more information and the theme have a look at the Weekly Newsletter.


Prayer Triplets

Want to meet regularly to pray with 2 other people of the same sex. Why not be in a prayer triplet .

You can either form your own with 2 others or contact us and we will try and link you up.

For more information contact  the Church office (01636 815512) of use the form below.


Virtual Prayer

It is possible to ask for individual & confidential prayer support by telephone or Zoom (with safeguarding built in). Please see the Prayer Ministry section of the website.


Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

This God-inspired awesome project in the Midlands seeks to share stories of answered prayer for the blessing of others.  If you are happy to anonymously share your testimony of God's answer to prayer do check out the website.  Once complete we will be visiting the site to experience it in person.


Interview with Richard Gamble  (CEO) of the Eternal Wall Project

Contact us to find out more about Holy Trinity's Prayer initiatives