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October 2020

Andrew's APCM (PAGM) Talk

Sunday 4th October 

Join us for our Harvest One Church service at 10.30. You can watch this at anytime, but it would be great to share together at 10.30am as we are joining together across the town, villages and beyond. The theme for our harvest is taken from Tearfund and A Rocha  and  is looking at the particular issues associated with Climate Change. This service will have options (if you find choosing the options confusing of difficult see below), our options this morning are a craft activity (printout below), a discover the facts about climate change activity (download below), a environmental impact activity (link below) and a sermon. If you want to watch on your smart TV it might be easier to access it directly off the YouTube Channel,  to do this open your YouTube app and search for "Holy Trinity Southwell" or select this link:


If you get lost along the way the links to the different options are below the video.

"How to" video on choosing options

If you have difficulty choosing options then have a look at the video I have created to help with this, you can find it on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:


Sunday 4th October - Harvest One Church

Join us at 10.30 or later for our One Church Harvest Service. This is an options Service (if you are unsure how to choose options you watch the Choosing Opti...

If you get lost the links to the different options are as follows:

Option 1 Sermon


Option 2 Environmental Audit


Option 3 Commitment Craft


Option 4 Climate Change the Facts


Prayers and Final Song