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Trinity's Services moving forward

Following the consultation day about the way forward, written responses and conversations with groups within the church, the PCC has been prayerfully considering how we might move forward as a church as we finally emerge from the Covid pandemic.


This has involved further review of the outcomes of the consultation along with discussions in the PCC and several meetings of a “focus group” following a process outlined at the start. The PCC has agreed unanimously to move to a slightly different format of Sunday services but with a broadly similar and familiar pattern and style. In order to accommodate two styles of service, with refreshments in between, the service times will be adjusted slightly.


The new pattern of services will begin on Sunday October 3rd. (for more information click here).


The PCC is keen to receive feedback regarding the changes and this can be given to Andrew (Vicar) and Helen and Chris (Church Wardens) or to any member of the PCC either in person or by email via the church office.


This is an ongoing process which will be reviewed regularly.


The PCC firmly believes, having spent time in prayerful contemplation, that the slightly modified format will stimulate growth in the church, particularly in youth and children’s work, whilst honouring the different traditions within our church.


The PCC asks for patience and prayer as we move forward and any opinions given will be welcomed.