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Churches Together in Southwell Lenten Courses
Under the circumstances, we will not be able to run a Lent course as we have done in previous years. Therefore we suggest you consider alternative courses that are available for either personal reflection or some that contain live on-line involvement. So here are a few to think about:
Rev. Peter Hibberts hopes to run a remote Lenten course entitled LiveLent - God’s Story, Our story; resources available at
https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/livelent-2021-church-resources-gods-story-our-story and it is open to everyone - contact him at peter.hibberts@methodist.org.uk
Global Healing - a series of 6 hour-long reflective evenings with inspiring speakers, prayers and panel discussion on environmental themes - Thursdays 7.30pm during Lent. Register at
Women in the Shadows - a course for Lent by the Clewer Institute, looking at the impact of modern slavery on marginalized women; this can be run as a remote group or simply as personal reflection - resources at
Another course that can either be run as a group or for personal reflection is The Sycamore Lent Course with resources at
The Minster’s Lent Course 2021 – This year we will be unable to gather in person for a weekly Lent reflection. Instead, we want to have a go at gathering live online and using the existing Thursday evening Compline 7.30pm slot (which is already viewed by some 30 people each week). We will base the talks around ‘A Cross in the Heart of God: Reflections on the Death of Jesus’, a seven-week Lent study course by Sam Wells. Beginning on Thursday 18 February and running through until Holy Week, there will be a reflection, Compline and, for those who wish to stay on, discussion facilitated by the speaker (the equivalent of repairing to Sacrista’s sitting room for coffee!). As well as study and prayer together, we are missing conversation and fellowship after a year without, so we will try to use our new technology to foster this again. Please email dean@southwellminster.org.uk if you would like to join and block it out in your calendar. If you would like to order the book, it is available online from the Cathedral Shop for ‘click and collect’ or by post.