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Minecraft Youth Group

In this current climate of constantly changing guidelines and endless uncertainty allow us to provide you with one thing that will stay the same now, throughout lockdown, and beyond. 


Our Minecraft Youth Group is a place where you can hang out with your friends, share together, complete challenges, build amazing structures and explore with us. It is open to anyone from Year 5 upwards, as we have space for not only you and your friends but other young people from Southwell and the surrounding areas. 

How does it work?

We have our own dedicated Minecraft server, running the the Java Edition of Minecraft (version 1.16.5). Unfortunately that means you will need to have a PC, Mac or Linux machine to join us. The reason we have chosen this version over the Bedrock version, is quite simply, that it allows us to more effectively ensure that everyone can enjoy the group in a safe and secure way.


Within our Minecraft World we have the functionality to allow us to secure areas so that individuals or groups of young people can build their creations without worrying about being attacked by other players. (This is using a plugin called WorldGuard if you are interested in looking in to how it works.) Additionally, we have a Whitelist active our our server. This means that nobody can even connect to the server without our permission. As we will only be using the server for a short period of time each week, young people will be removed from the Whitelist at the end of each session, so that we can ensure that there are always leaders present when they are using the server. 

Our voice chat during the group sessions will be on Discord, which is an app that is widely used for voice communication for gaming and therefore will not only provide us with a high quality method of communication, but also it has the functionality we need to ensure that the group sessions are safe and fun. As with the Minecraft server, we have our Discord server set up to ensure that the young people will not be able to communicate over it without leaders being present. 


Our leaders have all been recruited in line with the church's safer recruitment policy and have had the appropriate level of safeguarding training. If you would like more information about our safeguarding policy and procedures you can find them on our safeguarding page.


How do I join in?

To join us in our Minecraft Youth Group you will need your parent or guardian to fill in the consent form that you can find below. You will also need to read and sign (along with the your parent or guardian) the Minecraft Code of Conduct which you can also find below and email it to Tim, our Youth and Children's Worker, at tim@holytrinitysouthwell.co.uk


We will then send you the information you need to join the Minecraft and Discord Servers. We will add you to the Whitelist on Minecraft and provide you with the permissions you need on Discord immediately before the start of the next session.