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Join us at Newwine 2019

The mission of New Wine as a movement is to see local churches playing their part in changing nations. The church was established on the promise of change: of hearts, families, communities, cities – that the entire history of humanity and the earth itself would be changed by those swept up in this movement of God.

The reality of change is rooted in the reality of God’s promise that he will work in and through our lives. And this is a cause for celebration!

Our prayer for the 2019 National Gatherings is that God will meet us in our corporate worship, through teaching from his Word and in ministry; that together we’ll celebrate all the good things that God has been doing and continues to do in our midst; that there will continue to be people healed, marriages strengthened, family relationships restored, friendships developed and people coming to know Jesus for the very first time; and that we will be sent out in power by what will be a catalytic week in all our lives.

Come and join us as we embrace together the change God has for us, and be the change agents that he wants us to be as we play our part as local churches changing this nation.


Holy Trinity will be attending Week 2 at Peterborough. Book in via the New Wine website and choose "Holy Trinity Southwell" as your camping church. 

Visit the New wine website.

This is our Story | United 19

It starts in the silence The Creator breathes Himself into His creation The artist stares at His masterpiece saying, It. Is. Good. His story becomes their story This is our story A family dispersed across the nation Brought together, patiently waiting An assured expectation, That the one who started Won't stop creating.

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