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What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a partnership between the Children's Youth and Family Teams of the Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Riverside and Holy Trinity in Southwell. Our aim is to work together, using our shared resources, put on events that both serve the community in Southwell and form a key part of our churches' outreach into the community. A prime example of this was the Eco-Warriors Virtual Holiday Club that we ran at the beginning of the Summer Holiday. 


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The Churches in Collaborate:
Southwell Baptist Church

Southwell Methodist Church

Riverside Church

Holy Trinity Southwell

Carol Trail

This Christmas, we invite you to enjoy exploring the Christmas Carol Trail around the gardens and windows of various homes in Southwell.  How many carols can you spot? Also, on the High Street, look out for clues and letters in shop windows which spell the name of a well known Christmas Carol. Can you guess it? Look out for the Collaborate frames!  


You can find the map and details here.

What Happened at Our Summer Eco-Warriors Holiday Club?

Here's a quick highlights video of what happened at Collaborate Eco-Warriors Holiday Club 2020. We'd like to thank the amazing Doug Horley for giving us perm...