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See and Know (preschool)

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‘See and Know’ is our group for babies and pre-school children, parents & grandparents are always welcome to join the fun too!

We meet in the Stanley room, just off the worship space, at 10:30 on Sundays during term time except for the 1st Sunday of the month when we join in the Kids & Family service at 10am.


There is a small time together at the start. Every session we find something in our treasure chest that gets us thinking about a story from the Bible; and the new things we discover about our friend Jesus, his helper the Holy Spirit and about Father God mean we usually want to sing and praise before we have a snack and then pray together.

Then we have time to get creative and a bit messy with paint, or glue, water table or sand, and to play with lots of toys.

When we have finished we join the main service again with our family for communion or the last songs

– which are a great chance to dance!



I wonder what we will find in our treasure chest this term? 

We are going to be finding out about the wonderful world God made and how good he thinks it is!

How he made each of us - and thinks we're amazing too! 


songs this term


(tune of Old McDonald)

Father God, he made the world and saw that it was good

and on the earth he put the .............

and saw that it was good,

with an ............. here, and an .............. there

here an ................. there an ..............

everywhere an ..............................

Father God he made the world and saw that it was good!


(tune of 'who built the ark')

who made the world?

God did, God did!

who made the world?

Our God made the world!





Why is Jesus Good News?

We had fun having a go at talking about why Jesus is good news - just like Peter did after Pentecost.
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