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Welcome to the home of Keframa High School Pupil Sponsorship.


We hope you will find out more about the programme and the background to the sponsorship of the school.


Keframa High School was founded by two brothers, Augustine and Jimmy Francis and their father, Martin and you can find it in the village of Barr, about 15 km east of Lira in Northern Uganda.


This area of the country suffered significantly during the 25 year insurrection by the Lord's Resistance Army and has only been peaceful for about the last 10 years. The after effects are still there and Keframa High School gives a chance of a good education for the poor and needy children of the region. The pupils are mostly orphans or from very poor families and are usually recommended  by the local pastors in their village. The School is a secondary school and at present gives education up to O-level standard (similar to GCSE in the UK). There are plans to go to A-level in the future.


At the start the school was funded by the two brothers from their salaries, but soon that was not enough to pay the teachers a reasonable wage. It is a private school, not for profit, and the fees charged are low. The pupils all board and are expected to bring quantities of beans and maize with them. However in  the last two years the crops have been poor, mostly due to a changing climate, and many have not been able to bring even their food, far less their school fees.


Keframa has already gained a good reputation in the area because the students are well behaved and they have been performing well in their exams.


The facilities are really not adequate and it is a credit to the dedication of the staff that the pupils still manage to do well. There is a fundraising programme to raise enough money to build Keframa a new school and there is more information on this at www.keframaschoolbuild.co.uk  However, there is a great need for ongoing funding of the running of the school.

We have set up the Sponsorship Programme so that some of the pupils can be assured of support throughout their time at the Keframa High School. We have set the monthly donation at £20 and this will actually provide enough money to pay the fees, the food and the books etc for one pupil. But more than that it will contribute to the salaries of the staff. So far we have about 26 pupils sponsored and this is providing almost half of the income of the school. If we had more pupils sponsored then the teachers would be more secure.


Holy Trinity Church has generously allowed us to use their bank account to handle the money, which means that you can give with Giftaid and that makes the £20 you give worth £25 to Keframa. We are not able to take donations direct from the website, but please download the form below and then set up the sponsorship from the details there.

Please contact Ian Baird-Smith for more information.  ianbairdsmith@gmail.com


A student's story.


Sarah was 16 when she joined Keframa in 2014. Her parents died in 2007 and she had been running the household for her 6 siblings. As a result she had missed some years at primary school while she was trying to make some money from the crops she was able to grow. She finally finished primary school in 2013 and was recommended to Keframa in 2014. Once she came to Keframa she had no money at all to pay her fees and could not even provide the beans and maize for her keep. Sarah was the first pupil to be sponsored in our programme. Since then she has continued in school with her sponsors help, she writes regularly to her sponsor and her sponsor has built up a good relationship with her. This November she will take her O-levels and she wants to go on to further education of some sort.

Without the sponsorship Sarah would not have been able to have any education past primary school and would probably be at home with several children of her own to bring up, now she has a possibility to earn a better living.

In addition, the school as a whole benefits because the money paid by her sponsor is used to pay the teachers and they are regularly paid, which is a better situation than for teachers in the state schools, who sometimes don't get paid. This is a huge help to Keframa as they are able to keep good teachers.


Please help other young Ugandans gain an education by joining the sponsorship programme. Complete the form below and send it to Ian Baird-Smith

Keframa Sponsorship Application

Latest News


Ian and Shelagh visited Keframa in July 2017 and spent several days with the students catching up on their progress and what is happening at the school. We also joined them for their Sunday worship service, which was held under the tree as usual. The two new boreholes are completed, although the one adjacent to the new site for the school will not be commissioned until the site is occupied. The other borehole is now fully operational and was ready just in time as the community borehole broke down. It is much nearer the school and is in good condition and easy to use.


The building development is awaiting agreement on which of the contractors who tendered will be awarded the contract. It's hoped that building will start soon.

We asked the students what their aspirations were and the answers ranged from teacher, doctor, lawyer to pilot. Most of the students want to continue their education, although there are some from the east of the country, where education is still not valued, who will return as 'kings' because they have continued up to O-level. It is great to be able to help these worthy young people to make strides forward through the sponsorship.

If you would like to help them, please complete the form on this page and send it to Ian Baird-Smith.

In October 2018 Ian and Shelagh are returning to Lira to catch up on the friends at Keframa and the other people in Lira. The building project has finally got under way and we are expecting to see a lot of progress in the time we are there. We will send back photos and updates as we can and will have a lot more information about the pupils who are being sponsored. We still need more sponsors so if you would like to know more or you know someone else who could help these young people gain an education, please download and complete the form.

Watch this space for more news.